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Dual Boot Backtrack 5 AND Windows 7/8

NOTE: The following method of installation is the simplest available. We have made it in the assumption that you have a Windows installation that is taking up all the space on your disk drive and you would like to resize and repartition the disk drive in order to allow a BackTrack install alongside your Windows.

    • We select our language, in this case English and then click the Forward button.
    we select out geographical location (The Region and Time Zone) and click Forward
    Chose your keyboard layout. We are going to leave it the default which is USA and click Forward.  
  • Now it’s time to partition the Disk, for a quick and successful dual-boot install we will choose the Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup option and hit Forward.. 
    • WARNING: The installer might stop at certain percentages, leave it for a few minutes and it will resume.
    • Hit the Restart Now button, and enjoy Backtrack! 

    • When the computer will boot, you will be given a choice to boot Backtrack or Windows.
    • After the reboot, you can log in with the default username root and password toor. Do not forget to change this default root password by issuing the passwd command.
    • As you can see the splash screen disappeared after the reboot. In order to fix it just run fix-splash, and the splash screen will appear on the next boot.


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