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[How to] Hack Whatsapp

Whatsapp Messenger is a cross platform instant  messaging application.Whatsapp is certain really the foremost fashionable instant electronic messaging for smartphones.WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other!.I am sure you all have heard of it  if you are not using it .These are the some whatsapp hack or tricks you should know if you are using it .

1.Whatsapp Hack to spy on some other  account 

So if you people have observed you can’t have  your whatsapp account logged in two devices. Means session is given to only 1 mac address. If the MAC [ Media Access Control ] address of the device requesting access changes then whatsapp asks you to re-verify your account!
And common, “whatsapp people” you think Mac address can’t be spoofed.
Here is how to do it 
-You need to get access to victim phone to get the victims phone “MAC address + the verifying massage” which is received to verify your device.
Get mac address on your android phone
Finding MAC address on a Android Phones
1. On your HOME screen, click on MENU, goto SETTINGS.
2. click on  About Phone.
3. Click on Status. 
And VIEW your Wi-Fi MAC address!

Finding MAC address on an Android Tablet
1. On your HOME screen, click on MENU, goto SETTINGS.
2. click on  About Tablet.
3. Click on Status. 
And VIEW your Wi-Fi MAC address!

iOS [ iPad, i pod or iPhone Touch]

Finding MAC address on in iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch-.
1.  Click on Settings.
2.  Select General -> About.
MAC address can be seen in Wi-Fi Address. Windows Phones
Finding  MAC address  on a windows phone.1. On Start,  flick left to App  list.
2. Tap Setting, then About, then More info.
3. MAC Address  can be seen.
- As soon the message s received Push the “MAC address” + “Verifying code” to your server or mail it your ID. That depends on your convince.
-Spoof your phone’s MAC address to your Victims address using this tutorial 
and install whatsapp and type the “verify code”.
And done guys. You get complete access to the victims whatsapp ID.. where as you can keep spying/watching your victims movements :D
i.e 2 people – U + ur victim are using the same ID from different devices.

2.Whatsapp hack to use it without using your number  !!

This hack works by tricking the WhatsApp Verification Servers by sending a spoofed request for an authorisation code intended for an alternative phone.
1.Install WhatsApp on your device WhatsApp now starts a counter where it sends a verification message to its servers.
2.Block the messeage service  it can be blocked by changing the message center number or pushing the phone into Airplane mode.
3.WhatsApp now offers an alternative method of verification Choose verify through SMS and fill in your email address. Once you click to send the SMS click cancel to terminate the call for authorisation to the WhatsApp server.
4.Now You have to do sms Spoofing
You can do it using this link For  android
Check your outbox and copy the message details into the spoofer application and send the spoofed verification.
-Iphone users can use this :To: +447900347295 From: +(Country code)(mobile number) —-victims Message: (your email address)
5. You will now receive messages intended for the spoofed number on your mobile device and you can communicate with people under the spoofed number and You have successfully hacked your whatsapp account !!

3. Whatsapp hack to see someother number deleted whatsapp messages !!!

This is not whatsapp hack actually this is a trick and this trick is especially for those who want to know about  some person specific chats which has been deleted from that number
Whatsapp store all his messages i.e it makes a backup of messages on your phone in sd card and keep it for 7 days so You can see someone messages through that backup using this whatsapp hack

Here is how to do it

-You need to get access to victim phone first and then open  /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/
-then copy msgstore.db.crypt into your phone either by bluetooth or other sharing technique
-then first make backup of your whatsapp database by coping it in another folder then replace it with the file you just copied from your victim phone
-then use this tutorial to recover these deleted messeges
And you are done now you can see every chat of that person for which backup was made for last 7 days

3.Whatsapp Hack for Images Transfer

 whatsapp hacksThis is one the most popular trick.. Users can Hide image inside another image using android Application name “Magiapp” or iphone application ”FhumbApp”
Using this app you can send Picture in another picture in whatsapp only.Images tell you the story how to do it with      Magiapp. There is no alternative available for Windows (If you know let us know by below comment section).
whatsapp hacks

4.Access to Profile Pics Of your Contacts On Whatsapp

For security and privacy reason whatsapp doesn’t allow us to download the profile pics of our contacts on whatsapp messenger.But the truth is that it automatically downloads the pictures when you click on somebodys picture to view it!!!
These images are stored in a private folder named profile pictures which can be found here /sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures  and the image name of picture is contact number of your WhatsApp Contact. So if you want to keep that picture  just copy that picture in someother folder in your sdcard.very simple  na ;) .
whatsapp hacks
So if you wanna hide your profile pic you can use this modified version of whatsapp

5.Whatsapp Hack to Change Friends Profile Picture.(to troll them )

Ya its possible!!.but only on your own phone so you can troll them by using it.
This is how you do it
-Step 1. Choose a picture for your friend which you want to replace with your friend profile pic and download it.
-Step2. Now Rename the Image with your Friends Mobile Number. For example , i will change it to 9785****** of my friend .
-Step3.Resize the image to 561 * 561 using paint by following these steps:
- Right Click the image and "Open With">Paint
- Press Ctrl + W and check "by Pixels"
- Set the values to 561 Height and 561 Width
- Ctrl + S to Save it.
-Step 4. now just save the image into your device on the path “/sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures”.
-Step 5. Turn of Wifi or Deactivate data network for a while.(till you prank your friend). as his real profile picture will not Download then
Step 6: Show and Appreciate him for his new profile picture by showing him or say you have his whatsapp hack
and he is trolled:D
There are other small hacks also such as free whatsapp for over a year or hide last online time if you want them just mention it in the comments or any other  hack you want some mention it in comments i will try and provide it to you :)


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