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emanoN [ROM][Kernel] **Version 6** Stock Firmware leveled up

Before downloading, please show your support for this ROM by going to the site indicated HERE

>>Click here to download Version 6<<

I'd like to start this by giving proper acknowledgement to the people who made this ROM possible.

Credits and thank you:
tj_style for pioneering development of our device, CWM and CM7
squadzone for picking up what tjstyle left and for keeping the development alive
subpsyke for his short stint on our forum
franciscofranco and burstlam for kernel sources
lidroid for the following -
Status bar toggle mod
Flip mute, app uninstaller, autostart codes from Lidroid Toolbox (available in the Market)
CM7 lockscreen
AndroidON for scrolling cache and volume step
hansip87 for swipe to clear notification codes
zeppelinrox for RAM management values
spacecaker for modified TouchWiz 4 launcher
RomanBB for Statusbar Tweaks sources
pvyParts for additional Statusbar Tweaks sources and Battery Bar

What's the difference of this ROM from stock?
• Android 2.3.6 Europe firmware (S5570XWKTH)
• Kernel
- Overclock up to 825mhz (default minimum 122mhz, default maximum 600mhz)
- Undervolted
- Enabled EXT3, EXT4, CIFS, TUN (for OpenVPN), and Swap
- EXT4 updates and tweaks
- Added new CPU Governors (default Smartass V2) and I/O Schedulers (default SIO)
- Added SFB, zcache, cgroups, autogroup, cleancache, and compcache (aka ZRAM. Disabled by defaul but will be automatically enabled if you switch to stock RAM management values to prevent lags)
- GPU tweaks

**Stuffs you don't get from any other stock based ROMs**
• emanoN Parts (for non-stock settings and utilities)
• 9 lockscreens and CM7 lockscreen options which includes:
- Menu button to unlock screen
- Custom application starter
- Disable unlock slider
- Lockscreen gestures
• Integrated Spare Parts
• Enable/Disable CRT on/off animation
• Long-press volume button in screen off mode to skip forward/back songs (hard coded, doesn't work with stock Music app)
• Long-press back button to kill foreground application
• Statusbar tweaks which includes:
- 15 toggle buttons and configuration. Long press toggle icon will bring to the respective setting
- Clock, signal, battery tweaks
- Battery bar
- Statusbar color and transparency
• Access Samsung codes
• System utilities
• Flip to mute phone
• Enabled native SIP (Settings > Call settings)
• 98% odexed system. The following apps are deodex for theming: mms, dialer, contacts, settings, systemui, music, launcher, and desk clock

The usual stuffs you get from other stock based ROMs:
• Implement swipe to clear notifications
• Disabled scrolling cache
• Additional volume steps (for notification only)
• Enabled bootanimation + random bootanimation
• Reboot, Recovery and Screenshot shortcut on Power Menu
• Multi-language
• RTL display for Arabic text
• Set screen not to turn on when device is unplugged
• System and build.prop tweaks
• ICS transition animations
• Still stock themed. I just replaced those crappy statusbar icons with CM7
• Removed CSC folder
• On demand script to mount cache to data for downloading apk of more than 20MB from market
• Block Ads
• Added some binaries
• OpenVPN ready
• Sqlite patch
• Connection to Ad-Hoc WiFi (optional)
• Gingerbread Keyboard (optional)
• Pre-rooted and ADB as root
• Busybox 1.19 (from CM7)
• init.d and usersinit.d support (for running custom scripts at boot)
• Adjusted RAM management values based on V6 SUPERCHARGER. On demand script to change memory management values to stock (less aggressive values for multi-tasking) and also a script to revert back to ROM values
• Adjusted SD card read ahead value to 2MB
• All partitions are EXT4

The boring stuffs (app changes):
• Removed stock apps
- Google apps that can be downloaded from the Market (Gmail, Voice Search, Youtube, and Quick Search) to ensure that you get the latest version and to save space
- Samsung apps (Quick Office, Software Updater, Samsung Market, Stock Clock Widget, Program Monitor Widget, Screen Capture Service, Home Screen Tips, and Social Hub)
- Swype (optional to re-install)
• Replaced stock apps
- Myfiles ==> File Manager (with root access File Manager > Settings > Root Explorer)
- Dual Clock and Clock Widget ==> From Galaxy Y
- Desk Clock ==> From CM7
- Live Wallpaper ==> From CM7 (modified by me)
- TouchWiz Launcher ==> From SGS (modified by me)
- Maps ==> Updated to 6.3.0
- Market ==> Google Play
• Modified stock apps
- Messaging ==> Removed recipient limit and SMS>MMS auto-conversion. Enabled skin chooser
- Camera ==> Enabled power key to take pictures
- Wallpapers ==> Replaced some wallpapers
- FM Radio ==> Removed Airplane mode restriction 
• Added apps
- Lock Screen (soft key to turn off display)
- Terminal (running commands)
- OpenVPN Settings
- Download All (to be able to download any file type)
- S2E
- No-frills CPU Control (change CPU frequency and I/O scheduler)
- DSP Manager
Before proceeding with installation, please find time to view version changes HERE

IMPORTANT: Initial issues, please go HERE

Pre-install Notes:
This ROM is based on the Android 2.3.x stock Samsung firmware from sammobile.com. Please flash via Odin the appropriate Gingerbread firmware for your region before flashing this one to avoid issues with 3G connection, GPS, etc.


How to install from stock firmware:
Skip Step 1 if you are already on Android 2.3
1. Download and install Android 2.3.x firmware specific for your region from samfirmware.com (now sammobile.com) using Odin ==>http://www.sammobile.com/showthread.php?t=30
2. Download and install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery using Odin ==> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...37&postcount=2
3. Download Version 6 of ROM and save it on the root your SD card ==> DOWNLOAD VERSION 6 HERE
4. Turn off phone. Go into recovery mode by pressing and holding the Home + Power buttons. Release buttons when you see the Samsung logo
5. Once you are in recovery mode you will get lot of options on screen. In recovery mode touchscreen does not work, so use the Volume button to toggle through options, Home button to select option or confirm action, and Power or Back button to go back to the previous menu.
6. Select 'wipe data / reset'. Confirm action
7. Select 'install zip from sd > 'choose zip from sdcard' > file in Step 3. Confirm action
8. Go back to previous menu and select 'reboot system now'

How to install from other custom ROM:
1. Backup current ROM using CWM (optional)
2. Perform Steps 3-8 above 

Optional stuffs, apply in CWM -
1. Ad-Hoc WiFi ==> see attached WPA
2. Swype Keyboard ==> see attachment
3. Gingerbread keyboard ==> see attachment
4. Weather Clock widget (will work only with TouchWiz launcher) ==> see attachment
5. Boot animation to SD:
Create a folder named "bootanimation" on your SD and place all your favorite boot animation zips there. They will be played randomly every reboot.
6. Change RAM management values to stock (for multi-tasking), just type the two commands below in terminal. First command will obtain root, second will execute script
7. To revert back to ROM RAM management values (strict), just type the two commands below in terminal. First command will obtain root, second will execute script
8. To download market app with file size of more than 20MB, just type the two commands below in terminal. First command will obtain root, second will execute script
File Type: zipwpa.zip - [Click for QR Code] (319.3 KB, 15104 views)
File Type: txtemanoN ROM Show your support link.txt - [Click for QR Code] (322 Bytes, 1309 views)


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