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WPH Tweaks - Customize your Windows Phone!

WPH Tweaks was originally developed by @Jaxbot for Windows Phone 7.

WPH Tweaks allows you to change various settings in your phone's registry that you would usually change with a registry editor. Some of these settings never meant to be changed so they may not have the desired effect. We take no responsibility of the possible damage caused to your device.

WPH Tweaks for Windows Phone 8 is currently very limited, but the main features are adding Google to search providers, and adding a 'Never'-timeout option in lock screen settings. There are currently some other tweaks that do not work well so do not expect everything to work.

The project is open source and located in GitHub. The experimental code can be found here and the stable code can be found here.

Special thanks to @GoodDayToDie ! This project uses his native access libraries and full capability unlock.

If you really want to try out this still experimental project you can find links below.

Current build status: 
Windows Phone 8 with Enable all sideloading:
Latest successful build: http://ci.dy.fi/job/WPH-Tweaks/lastS...hTweaksWP8.xap
Please use the Unlock all capabilities XAP before deploying this app.

Windows Phone 7 with Root Tools:
Latest successful build: http://ci.dy.fi/job/WPH-Tweaks/lastS.../wphTweaks.xap

Older downloads: Download

You can read more about the WP7 version of WPH Tweaks on the WindowsPhoneHacker website:http://windowsphonehacker.com/articl...weaks-04-09-12


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