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Online Nandroid Backup | Nandroid Backup without re-booting

Nandroid backups are usually performed in recovery mode. This means you would have to turn off your phone and reboot in recovery mode, which wastes a whole lot of time rebooting and a lot more time offline. For me, this has been a killer as I do regular nandroid backups. Having to reboot in recovery and finding missed calls, sms from my wife and friends is totally not accepatable for me. So, I set to develop an online nandroid backup tool which can do nandroid backups without switching off my phone.

Today, I am releasing it to public, as it may serve good for some others too. Originally I developed this tool specifically for Xperia devices, but now I am releasing it for all android devices.

This tool backups /boot (from version 5) , /recovery (from version 5) , /wimax (from version 5) , /appslog (from version 5) , /system , /data , /cache , /datadata (from version 5) , .android_secure & sd-ext (from version 3) partitions to /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup directory. The date format used for folder name is the same used by CWM itself and nandroid backups created with this tool can safely be restored using CWM. If you would want to have a custom name for backup folder, pass an argument with the name to the script and it will use the name.

Feedback (especially ideas to improve) are most welcome.

1. Rooted android phone
2. A terminal emulator installed on phone
3. Busybox
4. A working CWM based recovery installed
5. Some patience

1. Download and copy zip file to SD card
2. Reboot into recovery
3. Choose install zip from SD card, select zip and flash .
4. Reboot!

1. Open terminal emulator
2. Type su to obtain root
3. Type onandroid
4. Wait and watch

Custom Backup Name
* Example:
onandroid custom_name
* Please be careful not to include characters not allowed in filenames.

Timezone modifier
* Example: Use home/phone timezone for backup file name
onandroid -h
* Example: Use UTC (default) for backup file name
onandroid -u
* Note: UTC is used as default (if no timezone modifier is passed). This is to comply with CWM nandroid backups.

If you are getting error mkyaffs2image not found in path, try fix tool in this post.

Change log
v1.0 - Initial release.
v1.1 - Bug Fix: incorrect implementation of help command.
v1.2 - Bug Fix: changed script permissions from 777 to 755
       Improvement: changed elapsed display of seconds only to minutes & seconds.
v1.3 - Bug Fix: error if /sbin/sh is not present (Reported by kamil004. Thanks!)
v2.0 - Fixed: various bugs and re-organized script.
       Added: timezone modifier.
       Improved: usage instructions screen.
       Added: su detection.
v2.1 - Bug Fix: .android_secure partition not being backed-up correctly. (Reported by Kamil004. Thanks!)
v2.2 - Bug Fix: size calculation of .android_secure partition. (Reported by Kamil004. Thanks!)
v2.3 - Improvement: size calculation in .android_secure partition.
v3.0 - Bug Fix: unknown uid 0 (incorrect detection of root).
       Added: sd-ext backup.
       Added: battery level check.
       Added: SD card check.
       Improved: .android_secure backup.
       Fixed: various bugs and re-organized script.
v3.1 - Bug Fix: SD card not found error on some devices. (Reported by tRippinthehead, x_one, varader0zs & hgoldner. Thanks!)
       Re-organization of script and removal of bloat code.
v3.2 - Bug Fix: Incorrect detection of root.
       Added: New logging mechanism.
v3.3 - Bug Fix: Incorrect sdcard mounting.
       Bug Fix: Various fixes for busybox conflicts.
       Improvement: Logging mechanism.
v3.4 - Bug Fix: Empty md5sum.
       Bug Fix: Size calculation of sdcard.
       Bug Fix: Script exiting before sd-ext and .android_secure partitions backed-up.
v3.5 - Bug Fix: Busyboxed 'which' command.
       Removed some log lines for cleaning-up.
v3.6 - Removed: mount format detection bloat due to non-busyboxed version.
v3.7 - Busyboxed "cat" commands.
       Added: Battery level detection for Xperia X10.
       Re-positioned root detection.
v4.0 - Added: LED and vibrate notification on backup completion.
       Bug Fix: Minor bug in "tar" detection.
       Bug Fix: Cannot create log file. (Reported by papayayoghurt. Thanks!)
v4.1 - Bug Fix: Corrected size checking of .android_secure partition.
v4.2 - Added: md5sum verification.
       Improved: md5sum generation.
v5.0 - Added: Backup of boot, recovery, wimax and appslog partitions.
       Added: Proper sdcard detection.
       Added: Detailed error logging.
       Added: Cleaning-up temp mounts upon exits.
       Added: LED notification for Xperia U
       Added: Version number to log.
       Added: ext2/3/4 and rfs file system support.
       Added: Avoid mkyaffs2image detection if device does not have a yaffs2 partition.
       Added: Force remounting and unmounting.
       Added: system, data, cache, datadata and .android_secure partition detection.
       Improved: sd-ext detection.
       Improved: sd-ext backup.
       Improved: md5sum generation and validation.
       Improved: sd-ext detection.
       Improved: Usage instructions screen.
       Improved: Battery level detection.
       Improved: LED and vibrate notification.
       Increased safety space from 7MB to 10MB.
       Code clean-up and re-organization

File Type: ziponandroidv5.0.zip - [Click for QR Code] (190.9 KB, 25 views)
SE Xperia Pro (MK16a)
ROM: CyanogenMod 7.2.0 UNOFFICIAL (FXP130)
Bootloader: Unlocked
Kernel: FXP root@ubuntu #5
Recovery: CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.8


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