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Send Fake E-Mail to Anyone

Hi folks...
Today im going to post how to send fake email.ok so fake email is a online free email sender and you can change sender, reciever, forward, subject and title anything you want. The most reason to send fake email is a that you can use fake email for hacking password by using phishing site. In this article i will show you website that you can use to send fake email.  1. Go to Fake Mailer website to send anonymous email.
2. Now, enter the information as shown: From Name: The Sender name which will appear on Email From Email: The sender Email address To: Victim email address Subject: Subject of the Email Content-type: Select text/html Text: The content of your mail. Put something which will make your victim to click on your phisher link.

3. Now, enter captcha and hit on Send. 

4. Your victim will receive mail like this:
So friends, I guess this Fake Mailer is pretty easy to use and also very handy to send anonymous email to your friend or victim. If you find any problem in using this Fake Mailer to send anonymous email, please mention it in comments.

 Enjoy Fake Mailer to send anonymous email to your victim...
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