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Optimize WiFi on Android with Better WiFi on/off App

Better WiFi On/Off is an Android application which lets you manage Wifi on your phone by a set of rules. If you haven't noticed before, WiFi is something which drains your battery very quick. Some might claim that WiFi draws less 3G but optimizing WiFi with this app can save even more of your battery life when you are on the go. WiFi On/Off is currently in the Beta stages and there are some bugs which you can live with! This app is free of cost and is ad supported and a paid app for supporting the devs will be released as soon as the app comes out of beta stages. So how does this application lets you save your battery life? 

Better WiFi on Android

This app turns on WiFi when the screen is turned/unlocked and when the device is connected to AC source and switching off WiFi when not in use. Pretty neat, right? You can just lock the screen and WiFi will be turned off instantly. But if you are downloading something, it might use the 3G and might cost you according to your data plan provided by your carrier. So i suggest not using this app while downloading or connect to an AC charger instead. 

Here are some of the features which will be implemented soon according to the developer. Location based rules, Time based rules, Checking of a Internet connection etc. You can also request for more features on the official thread posted after the break. Credits to chamonics, Recognized Dev XDA


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