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In these days phishing is the easiest way to hack any account and we get lots of phishing pages everyday, so how to find that our page is a phishing page or not. So today i am going to show you how to identify fake login pages. These phishing attacks are very simple to avoid. When you are asked to put your confidential data in any website or login pages, first check the URL. If the URL is different from your original URL, then it is a fake page. say.. we have gmail, in this case the URL should be "mail.google.com" or "gmail.com" like this. Anything else is fake. I just wrote this post because lots of people sending me message that they want to know how to identify a phishing page, so folks here is the answer.
We can also identify fake login pages by observing the source code of the page.
In the case of gmail fake login page, do the following steps.
1) right click on the page

2) click on "view page source"
3) Now the source code of the page will be opened.

4) Now search for the word "action"
   This can be done by pressing "ctrl+f". It opens a search box. Now enter the word "action" into the box and press enter.
   If You see "something.php" next to the word "action" then it is a fake page. otherwise it will be original a one.

Some more that you have to know also.

Tip 1 It is important that you learn to recognize all types of phishing emails. You should make yourself aware that if you receive a message which needs you to take immediate action with regard to any of your personal accounts then avoid it like the plague. Most phishing emails will be addressed to either “Dear Valued Customer” or “Dear Sir/Madam”, while any legitimate emails from your bank or credit card company will be addressed to you by name. It is important to know that the phisher who has sent the email in the first place is after your personal information in order to use it for fraudulent purposes.
Tip 2 Never ever send any kind of sensitive personal information using an email. Emails are not the most secure form of communication available for people to use on the Internet. Certainly many scammers are quite capable of producing an email that looks legitimate and so will be easily able to forge such a document and then gain your information in this way.
Tip 3 If you do have to transmit any personal information over the Internet then ensure that the site you are providing it to is completely secure. The best way for a person to identify if a site is secure or not is by looking at the site address. All sites which are considered to be secure should start with “https://” and not “http://”. Also if you look in the browser status bar you will see the lock icon being displayed.
Tip 4 If you ever receive an email from someone you do not know and it contains a link within it then do not click on it. Rather what you should be doing is opening up an new browser page and then typing in the address which you know to be the authentic one. Or else you could call the person or company directly if you have had dealings with them and have spoken with them by telephone before.
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