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Tunngle Supported Games List

Tunngle is a sort of VPN which allows users to play games online. Tunngle supports a variety of games and include a large number of genres. Tunngle is used by gamers who have pirated version of games and are not allowed to play online by the game manufacturers.We don't encourage piracy in any way. Games should be bought and not downloaded. This is posted for educative purpose only.

games list for tunngle

Tunngle uses LAN mode to bypass restriciton imposed by Game manufacturers .Gamers from around the world can Tunngle to connect to one single network and play with 30,000+ tunnglers. The instructions are very simple as well

Here are the games which are supported by Tunngle

Tunngle games list


  1. You can play every LAN game over Tunngle. But the real game list is here: http://www.tunngle.net/index.php?l=en - Your link shows only the game forum around the most wanted games.


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