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Bypass Facebook phone number verification registration

Heylo friends, I am posting after a long time .

If you want to make an ID not for personal purposes but for only testing ,spreading purposes then this trick is useful .

At the time of registration process this is applicable.

Today i'll show you how to register with Bypassing the Phone Number Verification Section on FACEBOOK!

I'm sure that you will like this trick

First register in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc 

Then go to Facebook Page

Register as usual fill the details but in the email section

use from the domain names below :


They works well!
& now Success! when Facebook redirects you to the home page you will see a header bar that you need to confirm your email, so there will be a change email address link
So now change your email that you registered, to the Gmail that you created first and it will be CONFIRMED so in this situation we Bypassed the Phone Number Verification 



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