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[15-OCT-2012][ROM][JB][4.1.2] PACman HD2 v1.1 [PA/AOKP/CM10][NativeSD][WIP]

Pa + Aokp + Cm = 

PACman All in 1 HD2 ROM

Key Features :
  • Android 4.1.2 (JZO54K)
  • PA, AOKP and CM10 features (credits szl.kiev, tytung, Xylograph, PonsAsinorem, Evervolv team, PA Team, AOKP Team and Cyanogenmod Team)
  • HWA JB kernel (thanks Securecrt)
  • HWUI deny app and patch (thanks Securecrt, royale1223)
  • Multilanguage
  • Minimal Gapps
  • NativeSD & Dual Installer

Summary PACman HD2:
  • Based on the merged Xperia Ray ROM including the latest CM10 + AOKP JB build 4 + PA v2.18 (credits szl.kiev)
  • System Based on CM10 from tytung + Evervolv (credits tytung, EV Team)
  • Patched Rom Control and Paranoid Settings (credits : Xylograph)
  • Dual Installer V3 which enables you to Odex the ROM @ 1st boot.. Be aware that this process will take a while.. Your phone will reboot when it's done odexing.. so be patient and wait for it to reboot if you decide to use it!!
  • Included optional undervolt script.. if your Phone is sensible for Screen Of Death.. don't use it !
  • Included 'auto' mounting in the ramdisk and install script so any compatible Filesystem can be used (for future purpose)
  • This ROM contains very minimal google apps..
    You can either download the 'missing' apps or find alternatives for it on the market.. if that is not enough for you..
    feel free to flash a Google Apps Package after flashing the ROM.
  • This is an initial release and a general Work In Progress.. expect some bugs and duplicate features..

Download for the HTC HD2 : (Please do not mirror stuff!)
Installation Information :

Minimal partition size table when installing the rom to NAND :

misc ya 1M
boot yboot|ro 5M
system ya 140M  <-- Deodexed, system ya 175M <-- Odexed
cache ya 2M
userdata ya|asize|hr allsize
Minimal SD-EXT partition size when installing the rom to SD-EXT:

EXT4 Partition with at least 512M free

After SD-EXT installation set your SD Bootfolder to the 
'NativeSD' folder found on your sdcard.

Boot the ROM from SD.

Please check this post for more NativeSD installation instructions !!

Things currently not working:
  • Native USB and WIFI tethering (use the included 3rd party apps)



- Changed system base + kernel to tytung latest CM10 v1.1 for the most part (credits and lots of thanks to: tytung)
- Updated to the latest merged PACman with Jellybean 4.1.2, PA 2.21, Latest ROM Control (credits: szl.kiev)
- Added Multi DPI Play Store v3.9.16 (credits MyLifeRocks10)
- Added custom backlight values back
- replaced the copybit.qsd8k.so with the PACman v1.0 one (solves the rebooting issue with OfficeSuite Pro)
- Removed/disabled some duplicates (cm10 torch, volume rocker wake.. still much more to do.. WIP)
- Removed some default predefined PA settings (youtube and settings) 
- Added 0 dp to Rom Control Navigation bar width to disable it in landscape.
- HWA video recording working (credits tytung)
- Changed back to MIUI camera
- Updated some more apps
- Cleaned up and optimised the ROM a bit more for more smoothness..
- More small (visual) changes.


- Read Ahead value set to 2048 by default again
- Included Multi DPI Play Store v3.8.17 (credits MyLifeRocks10)
- System Based on CMTight + latest Evervolv base (credits PonsAsinorem, Xylo, EV Team)
- Patched power.qsd8k.so to get rid of the 614MHz bug (credits tiny4579)
- Patched some default settings.

Previous Versions:

PACman_leo_beta_v1.0_div3.zip - mirror (Flash via recovery) - md5: d619c27289446503a2beb8e4dda7c16c

Test Versions:

*** Remember that all the flashing is at your own risk ! Always make backups in recovery and/or titanium backup ! ***


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