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Hi folks...
In this post i'm going to tell you how to secure gmailaccount from hackers. As we know, all of us have their accounts on Gmail. Phising and hacking are on the rise and many of us have already faced the situtaions when our email Id has been compromised.It is very difficult to estimate the loss which one undergoes once his email ID has been hacked.

Now you can add an extra layer of security in your Gmail Account.After enabling this feature you have to enter an addtional verification code (sent to your mobile) to login into your account.So,if somebody hacked your password even then he won’t be able to access your email account.
How to Secure Gmail Account:-
  • Choose a verification method.By selecting Text message (SMS) or voice call you will recieve the verification code on you phone either as text message or as a call.
  • Enter the appropriate information about your country and Mobile Number.

  • Choose SMS text message or Voice call option according to your need. (I prefer SMS text message).
  • After giving your mobile number test your phone by clicking on the Send Code button.

  • If you lost your mobile or your number is not available when you need it. 
  • Click on Next button again.
  • Here give your working alternative number. And click on Next button.
  • Now again click on the Next button again and then click on the Turn on 2-step verification button.

  • Click OK.

That’s it ! Now you have been added 2-step verification security to your Gmail account. Now whenever you will enter your password it will ask you to enter verification code without it you won’t be able to login to your Gmail Account.


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