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[DEV][TOOL] Debdroid v3 - Multi-Device Linux Chroot - [Backtrack|Debian|Arch]

Debdroid supports any Android device with loopback devices and ext2, flashable zip works on ICS/GB. Must have superuser.apk and su/bash.
Succesfully tested on Samsung Galaxy SII, Epic 4G Touch, Motorola Atrix, HTC EVO, HTC Incredible, Motorola Xoom.

Gitbrew.org is now the official maintainer of BackTrack-ARM

Official Debdroid release page
Official Debdroid wiki page


Flashable zip (TESTED WITH ROGUE CWM) - http://gititbit.ch/ddba3 - Works with ICS/GB

Distro Images: 
These custom images are resized to 3.25gb to fit on all FAT32 sdcards. 
4GB is the file size limit.

Note: Rename all .img to linux.img unless you specify otherwise in your conf.

Backtrack 5 ARM 3.5gb img Original - http://gititbit.ch/bt5d0
Backtrack 5 ARM 3.5gb img Custom - http://gititbit.ch/bt5d1

Debian Squeeze 1gb img - http://gititbit.ch/ddb1
Debian Squeeze 2gb img - http://gititbit.ch/ddb2
Debian Squeeze 3gb img - http://gititbit.ch/ddb3
Debian Squeeze 4gb img - http://gititbit.ch/ddb4
Debian Squeeze 5gb img - http://gititbit.ch/ddb5

Debian Lenny 750mb img - http://gititbit.ch/ddb0

Expect to see updates for this project.
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