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[ROM][Kernel][Pro/MK16]Xperia Pro Ultima v1.1 GB & Xperia Pro Ultima Kernel v1.0 ICS

                    Xperia Pro Ultima
This is a customized Xperia S based stock ROM with all the latest customizations that exists on the current Xperia 2011 GB ROMS.

What's in this ROM:

ROM Features
  • Almost all Xperia S apps integrated except for lockscreen, conversations(you can use the Xperia S one if you want it's also bug free), FM Radio.
  • Reboot power menu integrated (Reboot, Fastboot, Recovery)
  • 12 Power Notification menus with QuickPanel settings app to customize the notification menus.
  • Customized Xperia S Homescreen(Rotateable Home, 7 homescreen, 2 top desk corners enabled)
  • Beats audio support
  • Clear Bass support(no bugs)
  • Framework-res, framework.jar & SystemUI.apk mods applied
  • Xperia S Power Module enabled
  • Pre-Rooted
  • CosmicFlow & 3D Earth live wallpapers included
  • Xperia S theme chooser
  • Modified Package installer
And many more...

Kernel & Ramdisk Features
  • Overclocking support Overclockable up to 2.01Ghz (defaults at 1.02Ghz)
  • Lots of kernel governors enabled (SmartassV2, interactiveX, lagfree, minmax, Scary, smartass, and all the common governors)
  • Undervolting support
  • IO Schedulers noop, anticipatory, deadline, cfq, bfq, vr etc.
  • Swap enabled
  • TUN driver integrated
  • Some of Doomlords latest patches on Doomkernel
  • Doomlord's Touch Based CWM Support
  • Init.d Support

  • Xperia S Conversations App attached. 
Download Links




  • Initial release

  • Reintegrated Wifi Modules to ROM
  • Added Facebook to ROM
  • Added Market to ROM
  • Added Gmail to ROM

  • Almost a hundred of bugfixes internally(permission problems, corrupt libraries, missing libraries, reworked & reoptimized framework)
  • Updated Timescape
  • Added Xperia Play's Playstation Pocket
  • Updated Google Maps to latest version
  • Updated Google Play Store to latest version
  • Removed bloatwares
  • Added miscellaneous apps like liveware, trackID, whatsapp etc.
  • Reverted to stock Xperia Pro keyboard
  • Integrated Xperia S Conversations app
  • Fixed starred message feature for Xperia S Conversation app.
  • Added Xperia Pro's Smart Keyboard add on.
  • Set default UI to non-transparent status bar.(I'll upload the transparent one with new icons as a patchable zip as soon as I'm done)
  • Added CRT animation
  • Implemented SemcCameraUI Mod(Credits to hansip87)
  • Added CRT animation
  • Added Xperia S Clock widget
  • Recalibrated akmd Xperia Sensors
  • Reworked Kernel for stability & overall improvements
  • Updated SuperSU to 0.88 & readded latest SU binary
  • Removed SuperUser because it's conflicting with SuperSU

  • Fixed google play issue
  • Minor optimizations to kernel

How to install
1. Download Rom and copy to SDCard
2. flash provided kernel using "fastboot flash boot <kernel name>"
3. Boot CWM
4. Flash the zipped rom using CWM.
5. Reboot & Enjoy 

Installing Wifi Modules(If existing wifi modules doesn't work. )
1. Unpack the zip modules using PC
2. copy sdio.ko, tiap_drv.ko & tiwlan_drv.ko at /system/lib/modules/ replacing the existing ones using a file manager.
3. chmod it to 755.
Notes for V1.0: 
1. Somehow wifi modules got corrupt I think when I repacked the ROM(it's not working on my device at least) so I provided a temporary solution for now 
If anybody is willing to create a flashable zip package please do as I can't do it right now since I'm at work  Only for V1.0
2. If something is not working like corrupt package please inform me ASAP so I could reupload the said files. Sorry got a very crappy upload speed.
3. If hardware keyboard is messed up please provide me your keyboard layout and the keys that's broken so I could provide a patch.

Wanna help by providing mirrors? PM me and I'll give you a direct link 


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