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Android Update 2.3.7 | Gingerbread Upgrade

Android Update 2.3.7

After the great success of android update 2.3.6 gingerbread another update for android is out which is android update 2.3.7. Some new features have been added in android update 2.3.7. As we all know that android is very competitve with iOS . iOS is the operating system for iDevice. Android Update 2.3.7 supports many new cellphones which are out recently. Android Update 2.3.7 supporting LG, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and other models.

Android Update 2.3.7 Instructions

With the proper instructions you will be able to update your device very comfortablay. You will have to perform some steps and instructions which would lead to update your device. There are some steps and instructions which are given below.

1- First of all download the android update for update 2.3.7 by clicking the download button below.

Download : Android 2.3.7

2- Once it has been downloaded you would need to open the application.

3- After that click on the find device.

4- Select the version of your update which you are runing currently.

5- After this select the update version to which you want to upgrade your device.

6- Once you selected, click on the Download Update and Install button.

7- It will take sometime to update your version, after this reboot your device.

8- Once it will run again you will see that your update version of android would be 2.3.7


  1. I am having samsung galaxy ace duos. I just want to know that i convert my android version 2.3.6 to 4.0???

    1. You can use samsung kies to upgrade if cannot then download ICS upgrade package and install it via Odin.

  2. Open the above app via pc and go thru the wizard.

  3. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)


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